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Neil Luck is a composer and performer and director based in London.

I am interested in live performance, fallible bodies, the pathetic, theatre, the esoteric. My work often attempts to frame the act of music making as something curious, or weird, or useful, or spectacular in and of itself. I work with my own groups and others.

I founded the experimental music theatre company ARCO. We have been making work for concert halls, galleries, publics, cities, broadcasters, festivals and ourselves nationally and internationally since 2008.

I co-founded the artist cooperative and net-label squib-box with Adam de la Cour and Federico Reuben. squib-box is my most unpredictable and dangerous live outlet. We have released around 30 albums by underground and radical artists we work with.

As a curator and producer I have organised a number of events and festivals which reflect my interests in performance, collaboration, and questions of taste, including one-offs (with ARCO, squib etc), series (e.g. BASIC with Nonclassical), two collaborative art-music festivals with Sam Belinfante (Notations 2008, The Voice and Nothing More), and a couple of interactive family art and performance weekenders with Tate Britain.

I also make and present radio, having produced several series and individual programmes for Resonance FM (Drivetime Underground). I made an hour long radiophonic quasi-music drama for BBC Radio 3 to follow the Last night of the proms, and have served as a guest co-presenter for the same stations Hear & Now show a number of times.

email: neilluck (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk

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